REATA LeaseTrac

Congratulations! You just signed a great lease for your office space. Now what? Don’t stick it in a file and forget about it. Let REATA manage your lease to be sure you get all the benefits of the terms you just negotiated! The REATA LeaseTrac System Includes:

Just the Facts

We create a summary, Lease Brief, of the most important terms of your lease to make it easy for you to find what’s really important quickly.

Safety Check

We proactively review your lease on a quarterly basis and let you know of critical dates and actions you must take in the coming quarter. Don’t worry about missing important dates again.

Lease Doctor On-Call

We are on call to answer your questions about your lease or to address issues which arise with your landlord. Just pick up the phone and we’ll be there to provide advice and advocate your interests.

Expense Hawk

Your lease requires you to pay your share of common operating expenses of the property. We review those to be sure they are appropriate and consistent with your lease. It’s easier to address a concern before you pay than try to get a refund afterwards.

Market Manager

At any time, we can provide you with market information to help you forecast costs or evaluate a move or new location.