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REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. recently joined The Alliance of Tenant Representatives. ATR is an invitation-only membership organization comprised of the top corporate real estate firms that represent only business space users – the tenants and buyers. To meet the strict membership requirements, member firms must:

1. Serve and assist only clients in the business use of their company real estate, and not represent landlords, developers, or investment property owners.

2. Be market leaders in their specific geographic location(s) in tenant and buyer representation.

3. Be run by principals with not less than a decade of proven corporate real estate experience.

4. Agree to be bound to the Canon of Ethics to protect clients’ interests with integrity, intelligence, and the highest level of professional service.

Being a member of ATR will allow REATA to leverage the experience and resources of other member firms particularly when a client has a need for office or warehouse space in other cities in the US.

For more information on ATR: wws.alltenrep.com

For more information on REATA: www.texastenantrep.com

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What More Customers? 4 Scientifically Proven Ways

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What a dumb question, right? Who doesn’t want more customers? But do you really?

I want more customers, but the right ones. As a Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate, the client I want the most is the company which already leases space in a high-rise office building in Dallas or Collin counties with a lease expiring in the next 2 years. So getting the right client is key.

Jeff Hayden at Inc.com presents 4 scientifically proven ways to get more customers. Here they are:

1. Break Through Action Paralysis – suggesting a small action to prospects can have a dramatic increase in their response.

2. Embrace the Power of Labels – tell prospects that they are part of an elite group may make them feel good about themselves and encourage them to take action (i.e. buy your product or service).

3. Highlight Strengths by Admitting Shortcomings – you appear honest and may be surprised that if you raise an objection or weakness first, the prospect will often counter it by minimizing the importance of the issue.

4. Make an Enemy – being on the same side of an issue as a prospect or having a common enemy can bond you to them.

I have often used #3 and have been amazed at how the prospect is so quick to defend me against the objection. A twist on #2 is to make someone think they may not qualify for your services (not part of the group) and they then want to be included. Pushing them away makes them want you more.

For the full article, click here.

Have you used any of these techniques? If so, with what results?

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A New Look

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It has been over 9 years since I built my first website using a Yahoo template. It started with only 4 pages and grew to probably 30+ over the years. It was ugly, but it got results. Business consistently rolled in from people who found it on the internet.

But it was long overdue for an update. So I’m happy to report that the new website has just launched and is still available at www.TexasTenantRep.com. I hope you like it and I welcome your feedback.

REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. is a specialty firm focused exclusively on corporate real estate services. Based in the Dallas suburb of Plano, REATA handles all services needed by a company or non-profit related to its need for office and warehouse space.

REATA is an acronym for Real Estate Advsiors & Tenant Advocates because we advise clients on their occupancy needs and advocate only for them. We don’t represent any landlords to avoid conflicts of interest.

After 20 years in the commercial real estate business representing landlords, Bob realized that knowledge and the experience gained during this time would be invaluable to the corporate tenants. As a result, he founded REATA in 2004.

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Bob Gibbons
Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate
REATA Commercial Realty, Inc.
T 972-468-1946 | Fax 866-439-8015 | Mobile 972-984-8580
2108 Merksem Court, Plano, TX 75025
Bob@TexasTenantRep.com | www.TexasTenantRep.com

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